When I was 14, my father, a fanatic hobby photographer, gave me my first camera. That was a Russian Zorki-4 that I still have in my possession. My neighbor developed and printed his own photos in the darkroom. How fascinating I found that! I was immediately sold. Since then, my camera, now a Nikon D850 (what a top camera!), has been my faithful companion that I always carry with me.

I have experienced the entire transition from analogue, the darkroom, to digital, Photoshop, up close. What is possible digitally today, as we enter the world of AI, is also unbelievable. But the photographer still decides where to point his camera, and when to press the button.

Whay kind of pictures I take? Actually everything, but I have always been fascinated by people in their environment. From the dazed tourist to my sweet daughters, it’s always fun to put them in front of the camera. In any case, I enjoy this wonderful type of art.
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Ron Voskuijl